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Why Cole Sprouse Is The Millennial Fashion Photographer Everyone's Into Right Now

Cole Sprouse is a triple threat - actor, model and now photographer.

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Actor/photographer Cole Sprouse

You may perhaps know Cole Sprouse better as the actor who currently plays Jughead Jones in red-hot teen drama Riverdale, loosely based on the long-running American comic book series, Archie Comics.

Or if you go further back, he was one-half of the popular Disney tween sitcom, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Right now however, it’s not just his acting abilities that’s getting Sprouse, 24, noticed – he’s also building quite a portfolio as a photographer.

Sprouse displays his works – where else – on Instagram (@colesprouse), where he’s accrued a 7.4 million strong following. On his rationale for turning to photography, Sprouse explains to Teen Vogue that “… maybe it was escapism, but I had become obsessed with going to remote locations and keeping myself behind the camera,” and that it derived “from a personal place where I was very dissatisfied with the way my society was treating me.”

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Started in 2014, Sprouse has now posted over 800 photos to his Instagram page – and his most recent photos include ones commissioned by W magazine for a feature on actress Sophie Turner – who of course, plays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.

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But Turner’s hardly the first big star to be lensed by Sprouse – he shot Kendall Jenner back in May for Brit newspaper The Sunday Times.

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@theststyle @kendalljenner Hair: @dklahair MUA: @1maryphillips Styling: @celestinecooney

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The feature, which sees Jenner styled in a series of floaty, diaphanous pieces contrasted with punk-ish boots, is incidentally the model’s first photoshoot since her widely-panned Pepsi commercial which debuted in April.

As it turns out, Jenner agreed to the shoot because she already knew of Sprouse’s works beforehand. Of the model, Sprouse told The Sunday Times, “Seeing her work, it’s no wonder she’s become such a huge figure within the fashion industry. Without the right model, these photos don’t live. Kendall isn’t afraid to look awkward in a way that’s vulnerable and inherently interesting.”

But for those with an interest in photography in general, you’ll be glad to know that Sprouse doesn’t merely dabble in shooting supermodels or actresses of the moment. He also regularly features stunning portraits of his friends, random people and natural landscapes.


At the time, I thought it was the worst curse a person can receive. "I'll always love you…" as if she could promise she'd still be around past the sickness. To me, afterwards, love was a lot like a borrowed happiness. The more joyful and passionate the beginning, the more of that joy you were unknowingly taking from the end. As if the world had to stay in perfect balance, punishing the morning glutton by starving the evening widow. "I'll always love you," then, became a secret told against that balance, an admission by someone incapable of paying yesterday's happiness back. A guilty sentence, placing the whole burden of the loan upon their lover. She was taken too soon. She only knew the good, and now I carry all the loan. Sometimes the loan is too much, and kills the living, like Johnny Cash. But I'm so thankful I could be that for her. So thankful she said those words to me now. I said the only thing you really can, something that means taking on more pain for the sake of her own mortality: "I'll make sure I go after you." I did.

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Once more from sleep

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Botswana 2016 @cntraveler #cntvoyages

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Sprouse tends to favour a dreamy colour palette mixed with soft lighting – but we certainly can’t discount the fact that he gets to travel a lot certainly helps with the exotic factor.

However, it would appear that he’s keen on developing his photography skills further, telling The Sunday Times that he’s “much more comfortable behind the camera – I don’t find the passion in acting that I find in photography, and, truthfully, I’ve been dabbling with the notion that if and when photography takes a more prevalent role in my life, I will likely never return to acting.”

So if you’re a fan of his acting, you might want to tune into Riverdale, which incidentally, for fans of the series, has just been renewed for a second season, premiering this October. As for me, I’m keeping tabs on his photography work.

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