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In Session: Nailing Clashing Colours And Prints Like A Pro

Keeping up with the latest colour clashing palettes sported on the likes of style darlings Yoyo Cao and Margaret Zhang can be difficult. Especially when we’ve always been taught that well, bright colours and prints that clash is are fashion faux pas. But in fact, when done right, the results are head-turning ensembles that you’d want to document — regardless on your stance of snapping #OOTDs. We recommend trying unconventional colour combinations —pink and red, purple and yellow, orange and yellow, lavender and mint, to name a few — and incorporating neutral hues such as taupes, greys and off-white shades, for best results. Also, play with texture, volume and dimension to up the ante. Prefer bold prints and patterns? With a bit of careful styling, the gamut from feminine florals to wild animal prints are yours for the taking.

Tips above on how to nail the look without looking veering into gaudy territory.

1. Do it with accessories
Accessories are easiest way to tackle this trend. Whether it’s a statement bag, shoes, earrings, necklaces, scarves or patterned bandanas and even socks, these pieces will pop against everyday outfits and, are a great way to add colour or prints into your wardrobe. When in doubt, opt for vibrant hues — the brighter the better. Try an orange bag with a navy dress, or a red scarf with a forest green dress. A yellow pair of trousers with purple heels work too.   2. Master your all-denim outfit
Denim on denim is always a classic, and it’s also a great outfit to weave the colour clashing trend into. Wear a bright canary yellow sweater under your denim jacket and over your jeans for a pop of colour. Finish the look off with an equally colourful accessory like a red patent leather bag or a green canvas tote. Pro tip: Ensure your denims are of similar hue and treatment (acid wash, distressed, etc). Another approach to this denim on denim ensemble is to team it with contrasting coloured shoes and a bag. It’ll make your outfit look more cohesive and intentional.   3. When in doubt, go with pastels or earthy tones
Go from the office to an evening date at the bar with an outfit like Zendaya’s, where brown, earthy tones set a casual mood for your day. Using a plaid print is a bonus, as it gives the appearance of a more petite, streamlined figure. Another way is to wear a vibrant outfit and then tone it down with accessories in pastel hues. Better yet, choose pieces made of different materials such as satin and wool for an interesting contrast. Image: Instagram (@zendaya) 4. Let your prints do the talking
Instead of donning bright shades, wear colourful prints instead — they are an easy way in achieving the colour clashing style with finesse. The key here is to match pieces with varying shades of the same colour. For example, a muted pink floral print atop a cobalt background, accessorised with a hot pink bag. Or do it like actress Dilraba, who paired her printed pink dress with similarly-patterned heels and a baby pink crossbody bag. Another method is to look for pieces with metallic prints — this will elevate your outfit to a whole new level of chic. Image: Instagram (@dlrabadlmurat) 5. Sometimes smaller is better
Known as micro-prints, these prints are a great deal smaller than regular prints — which mean that they’re not too OTT and are perfect for both casual and office wear. Whether you’re rocking mini edgy skulls or dainty feminine florals like Ariana Grande, you’ll be turning heads without getting any strange looks. Image: Instagram (@arianagrande) 6. Make use of your outerwear
If donning a dress or top with a striking print sounds too adventurous for you, or if you find yourself struggling to find appropriate colour matches from your wardrobe, why not let your outfit shine with a jacket or blazer instead? A loose, oversized one with a unique brown checkered print like Beyonce’s guarantees a more laid-back spin on an otherwise formal and structured silhouette. Take a cue from tip one, and pair the look with a statement yellow bag and yellow heels. Image: Instagram (@beyonce)