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Comfycore Is The Laidback Fashion Trend You've Been Waiting For

Forget cinched waists and tight silhouettes – comfycore is the fashion trend that'll have you flexing the most relaxed fits.

You’ve probably already heard of “normcore” and “dad core”, but now there’s a new kid in town: “comfycore”. Well it’s relatively new, at least – the term seems to have first gained traction on Reddit back in 2015, but later faded into obscurity.

Comfycore is characterised not by must-buy It items, but by the level of comfort. Think baggy gender-neutral pieces, cotton that gets softer with every wash, cosy knits and shoes that won’t make your long-suffering podiatrist cry.

Instead of keeping up with the latest trends fresh off the runways, comfycore encourages you to prioritise comfort and function over form, and that’s where the revolutionary aspect comes in. Ultimately, you’re investing in sustainably produced pieces that will last for a long time.

Unlike normcore and dad core, however, there’s a distinct lack of irony – the veneer that protects millennial sensibilities – in comfycore. Comfycore wants you to be comfortable and it’s not going to be coy about it.

Fashion shouldn’t always equate to pain, and going into 2020, we’re all too ready to embrace comfort and function unapologetically. God knows “adulting” is painful enough, and we’ll take all the comfort we can get. Scroll through the gallery to see some of our favourite comfycore items:

Silk jumpsuit, $189, Grana
Wool sweater, price available in-store, Acne
Cashmere sweater, $141,
Cotton dress, $219, H&M
Nanushka cashmere jumpsuit, price available in-store, Club 21
NAME cargo pants, price available in-store, Club 21
Silk shirt, price available in-store, Max & Co.
Eskandar cashmere cardigan, $2,145,
Cotton shirt, $39.90, Uniqlo
Denim pants, $109, H&M