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Converse Just Dropped The Chuck 70s In These Vintage, Summer-Ready Colourways

Let's take it old school.

Having had various collaborations with brands like Off-White, JW Anderson and Commes Des Garcons, it’s no wonder that Converse is putting its focus on the Chuck 70s style this season, and going retro with it.

While both the Chuck 70s and All Stars boast the same iconic silhouettes, the former, a homage to the OG Chuck Taylor, is set apart in a few ways. For one, the Chuck 70s is built to be sturdier with solid canvas and comes with a cushy foam insole that makes it easily one of the most comfortable styles to date. The keen-eyed will also notice that the eyelets are nickel plated instead of All Stars’ aluminium ones, with an intentionally varnished toe box and outsole to achieve a vintage off-white effect.

Something to look forward to is the Players Card graphic stamped on inside of the shoe tongue of the Chuck 70s, giving the wearer the option to personalise it with their name. Choose from vintage colourways like sunflower, peach, egret, beige, teal and gold, with the high tops priced at $129.90 and the low tops at $109.90. 

Get a close up above.

The Converse Chuck 70s are available at all Converse stores and online.

Converse Chuck 70s Sunflower high top, $129.90
Converse Chuck 70s Peach high top, $129.90
Converse Chuck 70s Club Gold high top, $129.90
Converse Chuck 70s Khaki high top, $129.90
Converse Chuck 70s Egret high top, $129.90
Converse Chuck 70s Black high top, $129.90
Converse Chuck 70s Teal low top, $109.90
Converse Chuck 70s Beige low top, $109.90