Remember a time before dad sneakers, chunky sneakers, and Frankensneakers — or whatever you’d prefer to call the super pumped-up kicks — that are in vogue now? The coolest kicks were a more low-key and understatedly cool affair and were the kind worn by the likes of grunge musicians and skaters.

The Converse One Stars were one of those shoes.

Named so for its trademark star motif on the vamp, the style was created in 1974 by the American shoe company to ride on the trend of low-cut hoop sneakers, but elevating them with sleek suede uppers. However, for some reason, the design was taken off the shelves just a year after its debut.

It wasn’t till the ’90s when this retro style was rebooted that it gained such a big cult resurgence among youths and skaters like Spike Jonze and grunge musicians like Kurt Cobain. In short, the shoes became one of the symbols of slacker cool then.

Which is why at a time when sneakers-that-are-on-steroids are all the rage, the news that Converse is launching a new edition of the One Star, called the Dark Star, is refreshing news. The look and feel of this new generation One Star ($129.90) stay true to the iconic look of its predecessors with its suede finish and that understated single black stripe on the soles.

Launching Jan 9, the new update is available in five bold colourways that include a bright purple and lemon yellow. Meanwhile the star motif on the vamp has been given a black finish as a nod to the rebellious way ’90s skate crews would fill up the star on their kicks with a marker.

Frankly, there’s not much going on here if you’ve been living on a diet of super flashy kicks. But it just goes to show that when a cult favourite ain’t broke, you don’t have to fix it much.