If you’ve got your feelers out for footwear, you’d know that the reign of the chunky sneaker isn’t over just yet. Perhaps the most well-received of fashion’s anti-beauty movement, the trend – which first blazed the runways in 2016 – has fast become a streetwear staple. And Converse’s latest kicks might be one to consider adding to your chunky sneaker rolodex.

Chances are you know Converse for its sleek, versatile All Stars. Though an undeniable veteran in the world of every-day friendly sneakers, it might come as a surprise to the uninitiated that the All Star’s roots lie in the game of basketball. And while the American footwear giant has had a slew of uber-cool basketball-related collaborations and revamps – its latest proposition is the first of its kind for the brand.

The revamped VLTG sneaker takes cues from Converse’s Voltage sneaker, ‘The Voltage’, first released in 1995. This is the brand’s first archive-revival that has been recreated specifically for women.

Enter the VLTG – an ultra ’90s pair of pumped-up basketball kicks and Converse’s first-ever archive-revival for women that comes as part of the larger VLTG collection (inclusive of hoodies and T-shirts). Diehard Converse fans, however, can still expect all the aesthetic fixings of the original. Fashioned after the iconic Voltage sneaker of 1995 – made popular by famed NBA players Steve Nash and Latrell Sprewell – the VLTG is a narrower reiteration of its predecessor. Most notable is the unmistakable Bolt Chevron pattern (grooves on the shoe designed to resemble lightning bolts) an element which lends to the name, well, Voltage.

The VLTG ($149.90) features a lightweight build and an exaggerated heel arch designed for women. You can now shop this at Converse Takashimaya S.C., ION, Bugis Junction, Vivo City and Changi Airport Terminal 2.

Look beneath the surface, however, and you’ll notice that the sneaker boasts a few minor technical elements tailor-made for the female stance. Its exaggerated heel arch, for one. Another special touch? An embroidered star detail recreated especially for the VLTG, with a slightly more feminine design. The VLTG comes in a few different colourways, with its fully-black version (with reflective Bolt Chevron detailing) available in Singapore.

Fans of Converse’s sleeker iterations will appreciate the VLTG collection’s other sneaker offering. The high-cut Chuck 70 Mission-V HI comes in two colourways and also features a slimmer variety of the Bolt Chevron detailing. If you’re copping for function over fashion – or both – the Chuck 70 Mission-V HI delivers on that front too. You can expect ortholite insoles as well as rubber taping, a staple that makes Converse’s slimmer silhouettes just as sturdy as its heftier cousins.

Converse fans can also cop the Chuck 70 Mission-V ($139.90) in two colourways as part of the VLTG collection.

The VLTG collection is now part of the main Converse collection and will have seasonal updates moving forward. Whether you’re snagging these for sport or sporting on the streets, chances are they’ll do well on all fronts.