Cool local Instagrammers spill the stories behind their quirky usernames – #explainyourusername. Decoded here: @skinnykatwoman, @belluspuera,  @catslavery, @theeleventhhour and other quirky usernames.

We wondered, we asked and we give it to you, straight from these (clothes) horses’ mouths.

Nadia Rahmat, model
“I’ve always been skinny since young (yay, high metabolism, haha) and my friends always referred to me as Catwoman, so I kind of combined the two. But I wanted a little twist so I switched the C to K so you pronounce it ‘kat’ (the same way you pronounce ‘cut’).”

hej Amsterdam ☺️✨

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Velda Tan, founder of Love, Bonito (pictured here in her soon-to-be launched womenswear brand, Collate The Label)
“Belluspuera doesn’t have a particular meaning, but I think it sounds really pretty put together.”

Bella Koh, food stylist and entrepreneur
“The account handle was weirdly derived by me being a slave to my six cats. However, the handle @catslave was taken. Thus @catslavery was used.”

Charmaine Seah, co-founder of Elementary Co.
“I was 19 and moving to Hong Kong and I decided to start a blog to keep my friends up to date with what was happening in my life. I was listening to Jars of Clay a lot and my favourite song was called The 11th Hour. Given that I was a huge procrastinator and was always waiting till the last minute to get stuff done, I figured it was appropriate to title my blog Eleventhour. Tadaah! It’s just stuck ever since.”

Rae Yun, entrepreneur
“It’s just slightly inspired by the movie The Ramen Girl (featuring Brittany Murphy). And also because I love ramen!”