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On A Fast Fashion Diet? Go Slow (And One Of A Kind) With These Customisable Labels

Here’s where you get to say what you want.

We live in a time of fast fashion where you run the risk of looking like the girl right next to you. We’ve no doubt that you’ve looked up from your phone and seen someone strolling down the street, dressed in a piece you also own. So, we’re glad that more brands are starting to offer personalisation, made-to-order, and bespoke services.

Even if it’s just a little touch on the garment, that small detail can make a piece look and feel like it’s uniquely yours.

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Founded by Sheryl Yeo, 3EIGHTH is a Singapore label that provides casual and formal gender-fluid garments, meaning that all pieces can be worn by both men and women. Its specialty is suits, and the label aims to put every woman in a good suit. Its made-to-measure service starts with choosing a base fabric. Your measurements will then be taken. You’ll then choose a style that you’d love, and your piece will be drafted, cut and sewn. Prices start at $120 for a shirt. It takes around four weeks for a custom job to be completed. Find out more here. 2. Playhood
Playhood is a Singapore design label that specialises in vintage denim with customisation by way of hand painting. The label’s founder, Sarah Lai, has a penchant for fashion and illustrations, and Playhood her canvas that allowed both of these aspects to come together. You’ll find denim jeans and jackets on the online store, where every garment is intricately hand painted with botanical designs. Expect to pay $600 for a pair of painted jeans. Find out more here. 3. Studio Emoi
Singapore jewellery label Studio Emoi offers handmade-to-order minimalist fine accessories that bear messages you can personalise. Accessories such as earrings, rings and bracelets are all handcrafted and hand-shaped from a single thread of metal. Your choice of message will be woven in. In real gold and starting at $104 for a simple ring. Find out more here. 4. Luxemono
Many luxury leather labels offer a personalisation service like embossing. We love how here, you can select letters and emojis (yes!), as well as different colour options (gold, rose gold, silver and “blind”, meaning colourless) and two font sizes (24pt and 36pt). You purchase your leather goods, and handpick embossing details. Prices start at around $50 for a card case. Choose up to four letters or characters to emboss. Additional characters cost $5 each. Find out more here. 5. Mon Purse
This Australian label specialises in leather goods like bowler bags and satchels. Its made-to-order service allows you to craft your very own unique purse in five easy steps. First, select one out of eight handbag styles. Next, you’ll choose the type of leather for your bag — there’s smooth, grainy, vegetable tan, suede, crocodile and ostrich embossed. Then pick the lining and hardware (silver, gold, rose gold and metal). Finish off with a monogram that is offered in an array of fonts and characters in a variety of shades. Best yet, Mon Purse offers hand painting by an in-store artist. Clutches start at $280. Find out more here. 6. Keur Paris
Everything started in 2014 when founder of Keur Paris, Eva Bromberg, decided to embroider a heart on a piece of clothing to celebrate her third year anniversary with her partner. This motif then became the brand’s emblem that drives the brand’s personalisation service. Come up with any message that you want, and have it embroidered within the heart shape that’s located at the chest region of the garment. Products available for this unique personalisation comprise tees, sweaters, socks, jackets, shirts and even drawstring bags. There are options for men, women and kids. Prices are 40 Euros and up. Find out more here.