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This Season, (Don’t) Bare It All In These Cut-Out Peek-A-Boo Pieces

Dressing to leave nothing to the imagination? So passé. Look instead to these stylish peek-a-boo pieces.

Summer’s here, well, when isn’t it summer in Singapore? As much as it’s tempting to strip down to deal with the menacing equatorial climate, it’s not always appropriate to wear skimpy clothing, and neither is donning suffocating necklines and floor-grazing hems the most attractive or weather-friendly. Lucky for us, it seems like designers have come up with a stylish and classy in-between – peek-a-boo pieces.

Specifically, showing flashes of skin in the most unexpected places and in a subtle, sexy way. It’s a daring move, and when strategically placed, suggestively shows off skin in the most understated manner. The best part? It lets you beat the heat while fully clothed. Try it for yourself.