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Singapore It Girls And Their Super Cute Pooches

Who: Narelle Kheng, member of home-grown pop group The Sam Willows who is launching their yet-to-announced sophomore album in the first half of the year. The album’s first music video for the single ‘Papa Money’ will be released on March 2 on Youtube. Her dog: Five-year-old chihuahua, Twiggy. She says: “She’s the most attentive and loving dog ever. She’s always happy to see anyone and would run excitedly to anyone who calls her and cuddle them for as long as they let her.”
Who: Julie Tan, the doe-eyed actress who’s expanding her showbiz career now in China. Her dogs: Maltipoo Sir Waffles (left), one, and toy poodle, Tinklebell, eight She says: “The best thing about my pets is that they bring so much joy to my life and the best of me.”
Who: Hanli Hoefer, the actress, model and MTV Asia VJ, who is currently in London for Kendrick Lamar’s European tour and recently had her acting debut on the Toggle Original series Intercept. Her dog: A mini Schnauzer and Japanese Spitz hybrid, Pixie Boots, three She says: “She is always there for me. She can read me like a book and always understands how I feel and what I say. She is so obedient, loving and gentle and we both love and trust one another.”  
Who: Parveen Hassanbhai, public relations executive, Comme des Garcons aficionado and a fixture on best-dressed lists here. Her dog: Ten-month-old golden retriever, Kiko. She says: “She’s my first female dog I’ve owned; she’s not as tame as I thought female dogs would be. She keeps me entertained with her high energy on a daily basis.”
Who: Product stylist Nicole Wong (left), who together with her husband Clinton Leicester (right), recently started boutique agency N Plus C, specialising in digital content creation. Her dogs: English Cocker Spaniels Effy and Zero, both eight. She says: “They give me joy when I reach home and never fail to make me smile each time I see them.” Like this? This pastry chef makes super pretty desserts for Chinese New Year, what makes a good pop-up store, and the fashion pack’s guide to festival dressing.