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5 Reasons You Need This Adidas Originals Collection

The three stripes from Adidas Originals is to fashion what Despacito is to pop music. No matter how many times it gets remixed and mashed up, you never seem to get bored. So when Adidas Originals announced that it is launching a new womenswear collection with Danielle Cathari, that reworks the designs with the iconic three strips, in Singapore, we say, “bring it on”. Here, we list the reasons why the items which are exclusively stocked at the Adidas Originals Pacific Plaza should be on your most-wanted list.

#1: It’s designed by fashion’s next big thing

A serious babyface

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Her name is Danielle Cathari, a 23-year-old emerging fashion designer from the Netherlands, who’s getting the attention of fashion critics for her experimental cuts and deconstructionist aesthetic. Uncannily, Cathari’s class project during her time at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute is a series of reworked and reconstructed vintage tracksuits – a perfect precursor to her designs for Adidas Originals.

#2: The collection is big on the hype bae factor

The 10-piece collection reimagines the brand’s heritage striped tracksuits and sports kit into a series of separates that come with a giant Gen Z and streetwear appeal. Read: Plenty of skin-baring, statement, slightly off-kilter pieces that you’d catch stars like Dua Lipa, Patricia Manfield and Rihanna wear off-duty. Among the standout looks are bustier tops and voluminous parachute pants, and items with subtle details like the truncated Adidas Originals three-stripe motifs and corded embellishments.

#3: The pieces are made for the big sportswear trend right now

Not athleisure, but the more fashion-forward take on athletic fashion which is sweeping the fashion landscape right now. The ’90s-inflected pieces in the collection is right up the alley of this movement.

#4: It makes a “woke” fashion statement

For one, Cathair made a sustainable and eco-conscious effort with this outing while still honouring Adidas Originals history. A jacket, skirt and sweatshirt are given the patchwork treatment using sweaters that were sourced from the archives. Secondly, she pays homage to Adidas Originals’ vintage slogans with the use of offbeat graphic placements on a peach-hued sheath dress.

#5: The collection is made for the +65 weather

Lightweight fabrics including satin and woven fabrics are used, alongside engineered jacquards, mercerised – a term to describe threads that are strengthened and given a sheen – jerseys and French terries.


#6: The pieces don’t cross the $200 mark

Sweater, $170
Sheath dress, $140
Bustier top, $90
Track pants, $150
Jacket, $200
Mini skirt, $150
Bustier top, $100
Track pants, $140
Shorts, $90
T-shirt, $100
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