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This Season's Denim Jeans That Cost More Than An iPhone

Denim is back in a big way for SS20 – and we mean big. From Chanel to Givenchy, here's how we're going luxe with jeans this season.

Everyone’s favourite casual fit has come a long way since its humble beginnings (a quick google on ’90s fashion is all we need) and has since then entered the realms of fashion’s most coveted luxury houses. 

This Spring/Summer 2020, Virginie Viard envisioned Parisian chic with denim jeans and jackets at Chanel and Hedi Slimane went all-out throwback to the ’60s and ’70s at Celine. Picture flared jeans, denim jumpsuits, ultra-chic Canadian tuxedos and an overall homage to vintage-inspired style. 

And while we’ve bookmarked our jeans for off-days, this season’s high-fashion denim selection comes with a price tag to match. Kicking things off at $1,200 (yes, that’s hovering around the price of an iPhone) are these blue-hued babies worth it? We say yes.

If you’re hesitant, chances are you’re investing in something that will probably last you years to come – and keep you looking mighty chic even on your off-days.

Below, where you can shop your own pair of luxury denim jeans. 

Denim jeans, $1,740, Chanel
Denim jeans, $1,660, Chanel
Denim jeans, $1,800, Dior
Denim jeans, $1,350, Celine
Denim Jeans, $1,150, Celine
Denim jeans, $1,250, Givenchy
Denim jeans, $1,200, Givenchy
Denim jeans, $1,200, Givenchy
Denim jeans, $1,250, Givenchy