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Spotlight: Is This Singapore Couple Doing A Diet Prada?

At first glance, the Instagram account Cop That Cover is a dead ringer for being another Diet Prada-style pop up on social media. But the duo behind it has a more personal take behind it.

Soleil Mak (left) and Joel Lim

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then you can call photographer Joel Lim and his fashion stylist partner Soleil Mak really nice folks. Their Instagram account @copthatcover, which debuted in the beginning of this year, sees the duo co-opting fashion covers and replicating them to a tee — down to the design, pose, wardrobe. The split screen images of these so-called “before” and “after” shots would have some commenting that this pet project is riding on the wave of the Diet Prada phenomenon on social media.

But rather than being an expose, there is some creative licence here. For one, Mak, plays cover girl to the images taken by her partner (FYI: the fashion lensman is popularly known as a resident photographer on the Asia’s Next Top Model TV series). Take a closer look and you’d notice that cover lines are witty quips. For example, their latest take on the Sunday Times Style magazine re-appropriates the original tagline “Future Beauty: Meet The Innovators Changing The Face Of Make-up And Fragrance” to “Future Bleak: Meet The Entitled Changing The Face Of Unemployment And Parent Leeching”.

And that’s not all. Read the captions and you’d realise that the clothes worn by Mak come from a range of fast-fashion retailers like H&M, Zara, and Bershka. “I like the conveyed message that regardless of what you look like or what threads you wear you can look just as good as any given celebrity. I tell myself that over and over so I can sleep at night,” she says. Our verdict? While scanning through Cop That Cover may be like playing a game of spot-the-difference, it’s on our follow list for the some on point fashion wisecrack and satire. Oh, and great tips for style on a budget too.

diet pradaFor the record, can we call you both copycats?
JL: No we are original fakers.
SM: Yeah, because I don’t think anyone has done something like this before. On this scale at least, replicating the lighting and clothing as closely as we do.

How did the idea for Cop That Cover start?
SM: It started while we were both working on Asia’s Next Top Model 5. A superfan of the show replicated almost every photoshoot broadcasted on the show!
JL: A shout out to @lynnholilin, my favourite amateur photographer on Instagram, who gave us many laughs and was a great inspiration to start this page.
SM: My personal aim is to be outed by @diet_prada, because that’s how you get famous right? (Laughs).
JL: My aim is to spoil the “Instagram boyfriend” market.

Art project, fashion photography, satire, spoof? Which category best describes Cop That Cover?
JL: Honestly we don’t know what this page is and not sure whether we would like to lump it into any category. We are having fun and just hope that is translated to the audience. But overall I think it covers all of the above as we are a photographer, stylist and both idiots as a profession.
SM: So far, we’ve shown a lot of our real personalities through the copy, the headlines and even our Insta-bio. Personally, I love memes, and my life’s goal is to be a meme. If this doesn’t get me meme stardom then, I’ll try something else by sheer determination. (Laughs).