Remember the friendship bracelets? You’ve probably woven some out of multi-coloured threads or exchanged some with your good pals as a young school girl, or may be challenged yourself with the different styles they came in. Does the fishtail, chevron, double wave and Mary Atkinson ring a bell? And a few years ago, you might have also overzealously stacked plenty of these bracelets on your wrist when the “arm party” trend was officially cool.

friendship bracelet

Dior’s woven bracelets for Resort ’18 look like they are trying to revive the friendship bracelet trend at first glance. But look closer and you’d notice the strong Native American influence that informs the brand’s Western-themed collection this season, as well as creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri‘s obsession with talisman-style jewellery.

Made of four different colour combinations per bracelet, each piece features an intricate weave (that would have taken quite a bit of skill to achieve if you were still in school). Add to the fact that each piece also comes embroidered with the name “Christian Dior” in bold black thread and a drawstring which allows the size of the bracelet to be adjusted. Which could very well explain why each of these babies costs $360 a pop.

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