The Resort 2019 season is currently underway – meaning the clothes will arrive in stores during the year-end holiday period. It’s an interesting season to observe, as major fashion houses are known to put on visual spectacles in unexpected locations around the world – last year for example, saw Louis Vuitton transporting the international press to the mountains of Japan.

This year however, most of the major houses are opting for French cities – Chanel in Paris, the upcoming Louis Vuitton and Gucci shows in Cannes and Arles respectively. Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri chose the town of Chantilly, which of course birthed the famous delicate lace of the same name. Christian Dior himself reportedly loved the fabric (it’s typically used in high-end garments and wedding dresses).

Here, a look at what went down at the show:

#1: Equestrianism will be big for Resort 2019

Equestrianism, or the sport of horse riding, is one of fashion’s favourite tropes and personally, I adore the look, jodhpur trousers, tall hat, high boots and all. Even if you’re not a fan, the khaki Bar suit worn by model Ruth Bell in the first picture is easily integrated into everyday wear. I’m living for that jaunty riding hat.

It also makes sense, given that the show was staged in a grand 18th-century stable, complete with a horseback ballet performed by eight Mexican female rodeo riders.

#2: Dior’s iconic Saddle bag is back

One of the most iconic It-bags of the 2000s, you’ll remember this purse dangling off the shoulders of everyone from Paris Hilton to Carrie Bradshaw in her prime. The Saddle bag first debuted in 1999, and was former Dior creative director John Galliano’s first bag for the house – suffice to say, it was a mega hit, even by the standards of It bags. Recent months have seen the trendy folks – Bella Hadid et al toting vintage models and Dior finally acquiesced, reviving the design first at the Fall/Winter 2018 show and now at Resort 2019.

While most #throwbacks are cringe-worthy, I for one am glad to see the return of the Saddle – and it’ll probably be just as popular when it first debuted.

#3 Embroidery skills: over 9000

What looks like a print from afar turns out to extensive embroidery – I wonder how many hours it took to complete this coat?

#4: The must-have accessories: Corset-style belts

Phoebe Philo sent out big belts with chunky hardware at the Celine S/S’18 show. Dior has them too. Something tells us that big belts will be a key focus next season.

#5: It was raining at the show

Yep, the models were walking through the downpour and the guests got relatively soaked as well. On the flip side, it did make for a rather poetic photo, no?

Images: Vogue, main image: @Dior Instagram