It’s been slightly over two years since Dreamland Syndicate dropped its first collection at Dover Street Market. The indie streetwear label is known for its understated collection of predominantly white and black T-shirts, hoodies and jackets with a mix of illustrations, graphic imagery, all branded with the Dreamland Syndicate logo and with a DIY aesthetic. More than just fashion, the lifestyle label collaborates with musicians and artists to produce cassette tapes and zines.

Founded by Paweł Eibel and Michał Kozłowski, they’ve been friends since primary school in Warsaw, Poland. The artistic duo grew up going to the same concerts and studied art, graphics and photography.  For them, the T-shirt is not thought of as related to fashion, but more of a medium to convey their art – a natural element of post-punk culture and the world of skateboarding.

Opposed to the overproduction and consumption of fashion, “we decided to reverse the order and design our items with a view to utilising the materials available; we buy unsold fabric stocks, unused by other brands, or fabric remnants from factories that have closed down. These are various types of fabric: sometimes technical, sometimes military and sometimes meant for regular clothing. They almost always come from Europe and only from good weaving plants,” Paweł told Vogue.

Hence the drops are limited and the clothes are still made in small local sewing factories. Affordably priced from $70 to $90 at Dover Street Market, “We haven’t altered the prices since we started our business. We want to be within the reach of all those who want to wear us. This gives us a kick,” said Pawel.

Dreamland Syndicate is available at Dover Street Market Singapore.