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6 Eco Friendly Fashion Brands To Help You Shop Guilt Free

Fact: We love shopping. Also fact: The clothing industry is the world’s second largest environmental polluter (the oil industry has the “honour” of being the first) according to a 2015 Forbes report. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, one way to start pushing back – and effecting real change – is to support brands that care for the Earth (instead of just caring about their bottomline). Here, check out six fashion brands that don’t let their clothes harm the environment – and don’t skimp on style either.


#1: Freedom Of Animals
If you like Cos’ pared-down aesthetic, you’ll like this three-year-old American accessory label‘s minimalist bucket bags and work-friendly totes. Their pieces are made from polyutherane (a safer alternative to PVC that isn’t filled with harsh chemicals), and the bag lining is made of organic cotton and recycled plastic from water bottles. From US$25 (S$33.90), shipping to Singapore costs a minimum of S$74.60 #2: Nudie Jeans
Denim fans will dig the Swedish clothing brand‘s 100 per cent organic cotton basics, ranging from jackets to tops and jeans. Why that matters: Research conducted by the brand shows that organic cotton has a 46 per cent less potential in contributing to global warming, and 91 per cent reduced consumption of blue water (in layman terms, that refers to the volume of surface and groundwater consumed when producing a good or service). From US$165 (S$224), shipping to Singapore costs a minimum of S$27.15   Need a denim fix? Check out these non-basic denim jackets, tops and skirts from Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang and more. #3: SVILU
New York-based womenswear label SVILU provides everyday wardrobe staples for the girly girl, from billowy dresses to breezy tank tops. Like H&M’s Conscious collection, their apparel is made of environmentally-sensitive materials like organic cotton and tencel (a material made from the pulp of eucalyptus leaves). From US$295 (S$400), shipping to Singapore costs a minimum of S$67.80 #4: Coclico
While the footwear label is based in New York, its shoes are handmade in a small factory in Mallorca, Spain. Natural materials – wood, cork, leather – are used to create every part of the shoe, from the heel to the last. Cue open-toed slingback sandals, slides and platform sandals in an array of neutral, easy-to-match colours. Another way it shows how committed it is to caring for the environment: After tracking its annual in-house carbon usage, that amount is offeset by investing in renewable energy projects. From US$295 (S$400), shipping to Singapore costs a minimum of S$47.50 #5: Reformation
American sustainable womenswear brand Reformation offers flirty floral dresses, sexy bodysuits and midriff-baring separates – and with 413 thousand Instagram followers at press time, their pieces are evidently hot property. Besides using sustainable fabrics like tencel, the brand prides itself on re-using vintage pieces sourced from wholesalers. Product descriptions on its website also include a RefScale, which indicates the cost on the environment that particular product has incurred in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide and water used. From US$28 (S$38), free shipping worldwide #6: Riyka
If you’re one for bold colours and geometric shapes, then UK-based brand Riyka‘s sporty chic separates will appeal to you. The husband-and-wife team behind the brand use only recycled materials and organic cotton to produce their pieces. Pair them with the season’s flyest sneakers and you’ll be ready for the weekend. From US$92 (S$125), free shipping worldwide   Like this? See our favourite resort-worthy looks from Singapore labels Elohim By Sabrina Goh, In Good Company and more.