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Emanuele D’angelo: On Livincool, the FROW and Building Street Cachet

The Italian photographer/streetwear designer/arbiter of laid-back cool on what the front row scene actually means for a fashion label, and who he thinks will fill those (huge & cushy) seats next.

The Livincool front row crowd: Elsa Hosk

Street cachet aside, the draw lies precisely in how elementary and unfussy every piece is. D’Angelo doesn’t see Livincool as a fashion label, but instead an extension of his photography that possesses the same sort of informality and rawness. “You often see my subjects being pictured while they’re eating or on vacation,” he says. “It’s real life content and not staged. That’s what I like to capture.”

The Livincool front row crowd: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

It might not seem far off from the of-the-moment street style photos that he started his career with, but that entire industry has evolved and lost relevance ironically because of social media, he says. “Before Instagram, street-style photos on blogs and magazines were the only way to see the fashion that was taking place off the runways at Fashion Week,” he says. “Then, people started creating their own content and taking their own photos. I stopped doing street style because (everything was looking the same).”

The Livincool front row crowd: Sonia Ben Ammar

The concept of celebrityhood is similarly no longer quite the same. He says: “With social media, everything changed. When people can create their own content, (they can also control the amount of exposure that they get).”

The Livincool front row crowd: model Astrid Holler

Unsurprisingly, he singles out some of Gen Z’s most easy-going and effortlessly cool women when prodded to name the next generation of fashion front row stars: the baggy street wear-obsessed Billie Eilish; indie glam R&B up-and-comer Jorja Smith; and the pouty lipped model/singer/regular D’Angelo subject Ben Ammar. Says the lensman: “Someone is worthy of being in the front row as long as the designer decides that she should be.”