Did you watch Netflix’s new series Emily In Paris?

You might call us ringarde but truth be told, we were low-key watching it too – especially when we heard that creator of Sex And The City and Younger, Darren Star, was on board and costume design supremo Patricia Field was involved in the wardrobe.

It’s also safe to say that while we enjoyed every minute and fantasised over Emily’s newfound life in the city of love, we also couldn’t help but obsess over each leading lady’s distinctive wardrobe.

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From Camille’s easygoing Parisienne-chic ensembles to Emily’s vibrant showstopping outfits, here are some options to emulate your favourite character’s wardrobe.


Emily is calling Paris her new home, after relocating from the mid-West. With her bubbly spirit and whimsical fashion sensibilities, she’s no doubt a star as she embarks on her new adventure as a social media marketing specialist in the firm Savoir in the City of Lights.

From loud prints and statement jackets to a fun bucket hat accessory or neck-scarf, we believe the key to nailing her look is by embracing your quirks and letting your imagination run free.


Undoubtedly calling the shots in Savoir’s hallowed grounds, the tough-loving boss lady sure commands a presence too. Whether it’s an effortless black dress, seven-inch stiletto heels, or a structured blazer, we cannot get over Sylvie’s power-dressing uniform.

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Mindy’s truly the girlfriend we wish to have as our best buds if we moved to a foreign city. While she’s headstrong and comes across as a little cheeky at times, the stylish au pair’s (and secret chanteuse) wardrobe is a mixture of playful dresses, casual tee-and-jeans combos, and dangly earrings on the reg.


Borrowing influences from French It-Girls like Jeanne Damas, down-to-earth art curator Camille certainly knows how to dress, regardless of the occasion. As lovable as she is a clear fashionista, we believe the trick to looking as effortless as her is to incorporate a good number of neutral basics, along with some leather pieces for a tough cool-girl vibe. Alternatively, go for a classic look in a plaid or polka-dot print.

This article first appeared on Harper’s Bazaar Singapore