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Karisa Sukamto: From Beauty Queen To Loungewear Queen

Everafter is the new Singaporean loungewear brand championing effortless elegance. We get its founder Karisa Sukamto to tell us how designs made for wearing in the comfort of your home might just be glamour's most important frontier.

The days of lounging in “old T-shirts and worn-out shorts” are over for Karisa Sukamto. “I hate to admit it, but I’m a lazy dresser. I prefer to just throw something on,” she shares. It may be hard to believe that the Singaporean, who is best-known for snagging the Miss Singapore World title in 2012 is all about low-maintenance threads but that is exactly what she aims to achieve with the launch of her debut fashion label Everafter last November. “I wanted a collection that could do just that while maintaining an effortless glamour and elegance,” she says.

The fashion market that Sukamto wants to capture is no snooze fest as people are placing a premium on comfort these days. According to a March 2020 survey of 301 fashion businesses in Britain and Ireland by British trade rag Drapers, amid declining sales in retail, the best-performing products were reported to be jeans, denim, leggings, loungewear and athleisure. Closer to home, The Straits Times reported last week that the number of brands selling loungewear, activewear, and other comfortable styles in +65 has been on the rise of late.

Everafter’s debut collection – which as of press time boasts 33 items and can be shopped via the brand’s e-store for anywhere between $16-$72 – is a sultry medley of slips, robes and coordinate sets, possessing an aesthetic that Sukamto describes as “luxe-leisure”. Sukamto has no formal training in fashion design but relies on a team of producers and trained fashion designers to support her.

Everafter’s white rose shorts and velvet bralette set ($19) as seen on Mae Tan.

Most of Everafter’s pieces sport oversized floral prints that bring to mind old-world glamour. To add to that, the materials used range from velvet to modal fabric sourced from beech trees, with the end-goal being comfort, breathability, and a luxe factor. Everafter’s production process also nods to an attempt at sustainability: the floral prints come from discarded excess fabrics.

Drawing from her multi-faceted experience as a regional brand specialist for Zalora and a pageant contestant, Sukamto’s biggest mission is to create quality, effortless separates that serve up a feel-good factor even in the comfort of your own home. “I’ve always admired labels that marry aesthetic with the narrative they represent through their campaigns. Understanding how empowering it can be to wear something that you feel good in is as much an art as it is business,” she says.

Loungewear can change your mood instantly
“There’s nothing wrong in wanting comfort with how we dress, but I knew an alternative was necessary on days when I wanted to feel more feminine and beautiful. I thought there are women who might feel similarly, looking for options that can help to elevate our mood. That was why I started Everafter.”       Contrary to popular belief, it can also be versatile
“Our pieces are chic enough and appropriate to be worn out. I’d like to describe Everafter as both a loungewear label and a ready-to-wear label, occupying that sweet spot between boudoir chic and cocktail dressing.   Our Aliya signature slip dress is a great option that can be dressed up or down. For a versatile piece that doubles up as outerwear, the Demi floral robe will do the trick. For something soft and durable, I’ll recommend our Essential Pyjamas set.” Loungewear might be your ticket to acing effortless glamour
“I’ve seen various loungewear brands cater very well to different styles – from conservative casual and ladylike to super street and extremely sexy. I hope for Everafter to exist in a space of effortless glamour.” Being in the right loungewear piece can boost your confidence
“I learned at Miss World that confidence radiates the most beauty. I observed how contestants who owned who they are would give off a different aura about them. I want women to feel confident and beautiful in Everafter and to proudly champion their individuality.” It might help with your self-care routine
“What we wear can very much serve as an extension or determine our state of being – whether it’s while we are working or practising some self-care. Our choice of clothes – even at home – will reinforce our state of mind and that will carry on to when we wind down after a long day.”