Eyewear occupies a bit of a weird space as far as accessories go. While they’re an absolute essential for most, they’re not often fussed over like an It bag or a cool pair of kicks. But like the most effective skincare products that give your face a pick-me-up when slathered on, putting on the right pair of frames will transform your face. Not to mention, magnify your presence — the perfect examples being John Lennon and Kurt Cobain.

So whether it’s a pair of sunglasses to shield your peepers from UV rays and veil your bare face, or glasses worn to correct your vision slash punctuate an outfit (truth: Lady Gaga once rocked up to fashion week in Wayfarer-style spectacles), give the indispensable accessory due consideration the next time you’re picking out a pair. To lend a helping hand, we list 45 of our favourite shapes, sizes, colours and styles, for your viewing pleasure.

The Classics

From aviators — once a pilot essential but now a mainstream favourite (thanks, Tom Cruise) — to Warhol-esque Wayfarers, this selection in tried-and-tested black, blues and browns is for those who prefer colouring within the lines. Think of them as blue-chip buys that will see you through the ebb and flow of trends.


The blatant appeal of ’90s logomania has returned with a vengeance, catapulting accessories like Dior’s Saddle and Fendi’s Baguette yet again to It-status. Here you’ll find names that have always embraced unabashed branding, adapting their recognisable motifs and logos for look-at-me frames.


How one makes a style statement varies across individuals. Going bold and big is a no-brainer, but like Michael Jackson’s white socks, even the tiniest detail can pack a punch when worn in an unexpected manner. From fun, glitter-speckled frames to truly OTT baroque-print lenses, we say go with your gut — and style instinct — when taking your pick.


The blanket term for the recent resurgence of micro frames, sporty shades, chemist goggles and (almost) everything off-kilter in between, the markers of a pair are: abnormally small lenses, abnormally large lenses, a curved architecture, and incredibly sleek design. The best pairs usually check more than one of those boxes, with Oakley, Prada and Ray-Ban responsible for some of the most forward-looking designs out there.

Culturally Iconic

This one’s for musicians and actresses who have become synonymous with styles of eyewear — no mean feat, by the way — thanks to their unparalleled style chops. Those white, oval frames? Unequivocally Kurt Cobain. That oversized and ever so slight cat eye? It has Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s written all over it. We also take into consideration Bono’s love for tinted lenses.

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