Kornpetch Chotipatoomwan

Tell us a bit about yourself.

“I’ve been working as an interior designer in Singapore for two years now. Before moving here, I was in London completing an MA in Product Design at the Royal College of Art. I was actually trained as a product/industrial designer but I was always interested in understanding how products or objects work in a system that’s why I’ve decided to pursue spatial design.”

When did you start getting into fashion?

“I don’t think there is really a specific time, but I remember that as a kid, I would be selective about the clothes my parents bought and I’d only wear things I like in specific colours. But being in art schools and moving from Melbourne to Providence to London played a huge part in how my taste in fashion developed over time.”

Some of Chotipatoomwan’s fashion essentials.

Does your work inform the way you dress at all?

“I’m working at an interior design firm, and like most design firms, there is no dress code so I just
wear whatever I like. Sometimes that would mean gym clothes so that I can sneak a session during lunchtime.”

Describe your style.

“Versatility and timelessness are key for me. I like to have pieces I can wear every day and a few
statement pieces to boost an outfit from time to time. But you can never tell that they are from three to five years ago.”

She used to intern at 3.1 Phillip Lim under the brand’s handbags and shoes team – and is still a big fan of the label.

What are some of your favourite labels right now?

“Agolde, Rokh, Proenza Schouler White Label and Mykita.”

Who are some of your favourite designers?

“3.1 Phillip Lim for fashion, Japanese design firm Nendo for its products, and Tadao Ando for architecture.”

Being from an art school background has certainly shaped her taste for design and fashion.

Your aesthetic on social media (@nong_kornpetch) is big on sleek minimalist designs. Is that a preference?

“I wouldn’t say I’m a minimalist – sometimes I just throw things together depending on what I feel like on a particular day.”

Who are some of your style idols/influences?

“I don’t think my influences come from a single source but I’m always drawn back to Phillip Lim’s
design. Perhaps it’s because I used to intern with his handbags and shoes team, but it’s mainly because his work resonates with me, I’ve always prioritised quality, design and versatility over
fast fashion.”

She’s all about fuss-free dressing whether she’s at home or overseas.

You also seem to travel quite a bit. Do your travels inspire your wardrobe, if at all?

“I moved around quite a lot for my education ever since I was a kid and once you have connections, it’s easier for you to go back and visit familiar faces and places. I try to do one to two trips a year to see my friends on the other side of the world and a few trips to Japan with my boyfriend. And yes, when I travel I tend to visit local stores and sometimes pieces that catch my eye will end up in my wardrobe.”

What are some of your favourite fashion stores to frequent?

“My favourite is Saks Fifth Avenue, Lululemon and Net-a-Porter.”

This Flo table lamp by British designer Samuel Wilkinson is definitely a lit purchase.

Tell us about a recent purchase of yours that you’re obsessed with.

“Flo table lamp by Samuel Wilkinson. I was looking to purchase a nice lamp for the home for a while but could not find one so I was really happy when I found this from The Conran Shop. Now it’s hooked up to a smart plug that I can control with Google Assistant.”

What’s one item you absolutely cannot live without?

“Proenza Schouler’s crossbody bag.”

Sneakers are a part of her footwear essentials.

Name something you wouldn’t be caught dead in.

“An outfit covered in logos – but then again, I wouldn’t be caught in it because I don’t own anything like that.”

If we were to bump into you on the way to the grocery store we would most likely catch you in…

Lululemon pants or skirt and a T-shirt; I’m in gym clothes 30 to 40 per cent of the time.”