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Boy Meets (Fashion) World: A Six-Year-Old Illustrates S/S '19's Most Colourful Runway Looks

Feathered beasts and fantastic creatures.

Illustrations are such a celebrated craft in the fashion industry that names like Mats Gustafson have built legendary careers out of them and collaborations with artists from the field are big affairs for brands. At Female, we too have had our fair share of bespoke illustrations landing on our pages: the most recent ones are in the Oct issue which featured four up-and-comers dreaming up exclusive drawings inspired by the Fall/Winter 2018 runway looks.

To get a fresh perspective on next season’s riot of colours, I figured it would be a fun outing to see how my doodling-obsessed and monster-loving nephew Syakir Rizqi will see fashion through his six-year-old lenses. The result was an eccentric version of Spring/Summer 2019‘s hottest colours paraded by — what else but — an imaginary posse that includes an ogre, feathered beast and fantastic creatures.

Click through the gallery and you’ll get the picture.

All Illustrations Syakir Rizqi

The look: A model draped in a couture silhouette and rocking feather-festooned sandals at Valentino.
The illustration: We're digging the Coachella vibes of this Minotaur. Can you tell that's cacti on the right?
The look: Gucci's rodeo heroine.
The illustration: A hybrid of a bull (cowgirl reference, yes?) and octopus toting the cutest bag with strawberry prints.
The look: The shirt and sarong combo from the psychedelic show at Balenciaga.
The illustration: An equally out-of-this-world ogre with five eyes.
The look: At Dries Van Noten, the colour palette and details pay homage to the photographs of birds by British lensman Luke Stephenson.
The illustration: This saffron trench coat is modelled by, well, a bird.
The look: One of the frou-frou confections at Marc Jacobs.
The illustration: A glamour-worshipping skeleton dressed to the nines, complete with her funereal veil.
The look: The traffic-stopping head-to-toe yellow wardrobe by Max Mara.
The look: He might have dubbed this the "banana girl", but his rendition is more of a Picasso-esque alien with sinister pincers.
The look: Chanel's beach-ready oversized tweed polo shirt-slash-dress.
The illustration: According to him, this is what a monster coming out of the water looks like. We say it's fearsome, but cute.