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Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From The Latest Season Of Stranger Things

We all know Stranger Things has made its way back to Netflix for a third season – but this time with a slew of fashion inspiration we can't wait to emulate

Everyone wants a piece of Stranger Things, that’s for sure. Brands like Nike, H&M and Levi’s have teamed up with the cult favourite Netflix show to create limited edition drops, to the chagrin of wallets all around the world. Set fittingly in a shopping mall in the summer of 1985, season 3 of Stranger Things hits just right when it comes to satisfying our obsession with all things 80s. There’s poofy hair, loud prints, way too much neon and spandex, and over-the-top accessories. And honestly, we are living for it.

We weren’t just passively binge-watching the show on Netflix though. No, we were taking notes. And here, we present the fruits of our labour: the weird and wonderful fashion tips we’ve adapted from Stranger Things 3.

It’s Always A Good Time For Playsuits
Eleven’s graphic playsuit is honestly nothing short of iconic. After being imprisoned and controlled for most of her childhood, she finally gets the chance to figure herself out – and that visually translates into self-expression in the form of really loud prints. And we’re here for it. When In Doubt, Throw On A Dress
Season 3 sees Nancy Wheeler stepping into the workforce, navigating her way through her first job in the newsroom, as well as workplace sexism. Her look has become a lot more “grown up”, which translates into plenty of dresses that are pretty and practical, not dainty. What sealed the deal was the final showdown – who knew kicking ass in a (comfortable) dress could look this good? Time For Camp
Thanks to our favourite bean Dustin, we now have a renewed interest in ringer tees and summer camp-inspired pieces. What’s not to love? Comfort, nostalgia, and plenty of kooky graphic prints in one package? Sign us up! Over The Rainbow
Originally from California, Max moved to Hawkins back in Season 2. Her style still retains a lot of that Cali beach-vibe, with rainbow stripes in most of her outfits. You don’t have to go all out: make like Max and incorporate the cheery motifs into your accessories – think belts, scarves, or even your socks. It’s Cute To Be Uncool
Crowd favourite Steve Harrington dons a kitschy nautical-themed uniform for most of the show, alongside his co-worker Robin Buckley. As with most uniforms of the 80s, the outfit kind of goofy. However, Steve manages to pull it off with aplomb. The moral of the story is that as long as you’re confident, anything you wear will look good.