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14 Items You Need To Build A Cool And Eclectic Wardrobe

No one does trippy fashion quite like Marc Jacobs. His S/S ’18 collection is a prime example of how the American designer has a deft hand in mixing and mashing different aesthetics, items and colours in one outing. Consider the Stephen Jones turbans (which Wendy Jacobs rocked perfectly in our May issue, by the way); the oversized and slouchy jackets, the XXXL fanny packs, and fugly (fashionably ugly) mandals.

Not only do they reference the influences – grunge era, the ’70s, Americana – that always bookmark his collections, they are also some of the most Insta-cool pieces of the season. In that spirit, we distil the ways you can create the most eclectic wardrobe using items from Jacobs’ spring/summer collection.

#1: Sport Sling satin and canvas duffle bag, $790
It might be made for the great outdoors, but this duffel is polished enough – it comes in a sleek satin finish – to be paired with your suits. #2: Cotton T-shirt, $690
Clash retro stripes with checks or gingham prints to create a visually textured ensemble. #3: Leather espadrilles, $490
These traditional kicks go Mod with metallic leather uppers and daisy-shaped appliques. #4: Snapshot brocade camera bag with crystals, $890
Balance the disco vibe of this petite-sized camera bag with something pared down and contemporary. #5: Leather sandals with crystals, $690
Mandals have been flying under the radar for some season now. So it’s about time that Marc Jacobs is bringing back the style with this Birkenstock-inspired pair which comes adorned with ’80’s-era baubles. #6: Snapshot leather camera bag, $550
Kermit the frog green + Strawberry shortcake pink = An unexpected but soothing colour combination. #7: Rubber sandals, $490
These trekking sandals are the equivalent of the much talked-about “Franken-sneaker”. Very do. #8: Cotton cardigan, $490
Cardigans are making a big comeback in fashion. But instead of playing up its secretarial and bookish charm, consider teaming them with separates like boxy cargo pants and flowy maxi skirts instead. #9: Rayon-blend polo shirt, $990
This oversized golfer staple is a breath of fresh air. #10: Cotton-blend jacket, $990
The ’60s wallpaper print turns up the whimsical factor on this athletic must-have. #11: Leather sneakers, $450
The best thing about the white tennis sneakers? They go with anything in your wardrobe. This pair is an elevated take on these super versatile shoes thanks to its floral embellishment. #12: Leather wedges, $690
When you think about the women who love to wear wedges, names like Kate Middleton will pop up. This pair is less that, more fun and inhibited like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. #13: Sport satin and leather tote, $540
Part bowling bag, part bucket bag, part hobo. This pink number is the ultimate roomy hybrid bag. #14: Leather moto jacket, $4,990
Treat this slouchy jacket in bright Cheetos orange like the new evening jacket and match it with a glamorous gown. Like this? The Fendi collection made for logomaniacs, plaids and checks are the hottest items in fashion now, and the net bag is your new It bag.