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Marie Antoinette: Spring/Summer 2020's Royally Flamboyant Muse

The season's revival of panniers, bustles and other 18th Century-inspired garments with exaggerated shapes reference the flamboyant Marie Antoinette. But unlike today's breed of narcissistic politicians, at least the dauphine had style.

Jacquard and leather dress, Gucci. Silk shirt, Louis Vuitton. Cotton slingbacks, Dior. Collar, stylist’s own
Collar, stylist’s own
Silk top and matching maxi skirt, Dries Van Noten
Rochas silk maxi dress, Club21 Four Seasons
Silk and tulle mini dress and leather mules, Chanel. Collar, stylists own
Silk gown, Balenciaga
Silk gown and cotton slingbacks, Dior. Silk skirt (worn as capelet), Louis Vuitton
Tulle dress (worn as cape), Gucci. Richard Quinn silk dress, Club21 Four Seasons. Leather sandals with feathers, Balenciaga