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The Trends Female's Fashion Writer Hopes Will Fizzle Out In 2019

Biker shorts
Yes, we’re well aware that almost every major brand has thrown their weight behind this trend next season and at certain shows, it does look admittedly cool. But that’s the point: it looks cool on the runway with the right styling and on models. In reality? We’d prefer them on the OG — you know, actual cyclists? Besides, we have a feeling it’s the kind of trend you’d look back and wonder what were you thinking. Case in point: refer to the above picture. (If you still insist on trying the trend however, here are some better ways to style biker shorts.) Image: Instagram ((@latna) Enough with the (ugly) sneakers.
While most of us do live in sneakers these days (myself included), but the ugly sneaker thing has seemingly gotten so out of hand that so many brands are trying to cash in on the movement. And that’s fine — it makes business sense — but if you’re throwing out (genuinely) ugly designs that no one asked for (refer to the New York Times article, linked above), don’t be surprised if no one bites. How about brands try a really novel approach; you know, actually introducing well-thought-out designs. Stop dressing like an influencer
I said this last year, and I still stand by it. Very emphatically. Retire those micro sunglasses
They may work well on some folks but it’s Alternative: try these safety goggles for size. Here's what you can do instead in 2019
Go for good design — as evidenced in Bottega Veneta’s pre-fall 2019 collection — the first by the Italian house’s new creative director, Daniel Lee, who was formerly from Phoebe Philo-era Celine. We are excited.