fashionable flats

Suggestion: Heels are often expected as a “must-have” for women. They are pretty, they make you look taller, and they make your legs look toned AF. But wearing heels, as we all know, come with pretty alarming side effects — they are destructive to your feet and spine, just to name a few.  That’s where fashionable flats come in. Flats are awesome because they are comfortable, effortless to wear, and are suitable for just about any ensemble.

But we’re not espousing the regular (dare we say, boring?) designs that you can get just about anywhere. We’re talking about unique offerings, from studs to brogues to ballet flats, that add a touch of flair and sass to your overall style so you can be comfy and win the sartorial game at work. It’s time to trade in your high-heeled stilettos, girl.

Our favourite 12 below.