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8 Fashion Labels Female Collective's Guan Min Thinks You Should Know Now

The It girl and PR & Communications manager at Surrender talks her favourite streetwear up-and-comers and cult faves — how she'd wear them, her first brush with each brand, with a couple of fun facts thrown in.

#5: Sottes

Why she loves it: “I love the look of the clothes and appreciate the brand’s eco-conscious production concept and inclusivity philosophy. I typically wouldn’t care for eco-fashion much because let’s be honest, style wise, it isn’t a look I vibe with — but you’d be surprised at how Sottes somehow does it all while looking super cool.”

How she first discovered it: “I discovered Sottes at work because Surrender was debuting this brand worldwide exclusively. The team and I got the chance to work closely with Jeanne and Elliot (the design duo behind it), and it was such an exciting time introducing this fresh concept in luxury streetwear.”

Why the garments look better when worn “It looks really unassuming on a hanger, but when you put it on, you can really feel a sense of the hard work and man-hours it took to put it together. The brand
makes garments that are size-less and genderless, that somehow manages to look flattering on all body types.”

#6: Visvim

Why she loves it: “The craft behind Hiroki Nakamura’s label Visvim is so inspiring and admirable. The brand, its sub-lines and products have so much substance and humanity, and
interesting labour-intensive production techniques.”

How she first discovered it: “I first heard of Visvim about ten years ago, because my older friends back then were wearing the brand. I never cared for it then as I was too young to understand or appreciate the craft and style, but I do now!”

What you probably didn’t know: “John Mayer is a huge fan of Visvim, and I am a huge fan of John Mayer for being a huge fan of Visvim. Also, I read somewhere that Mayer has a larger
collection of Visvim than Nakamura himself… I mean, come on.”

#7: Fxxking Rabbits

Why she loves it: “I love how cheeky and fun the brand is! Sometimes you just want to have fun and rock a graphic T-shirt or hoodie, and not be too serious about fashion.”

How she first discovered it: “I was obsessed with the brand’s signature ‘Smoking Kills’ slogan. As a smoker myself, I loved how ironic it was for me to wear a T-shirt like that. But actually, the man behind Fxxking Rabbits, Ryo Ishikawa, meant it literally (and not ironically) — he was quitting smoking and wanted to put out that message about it.”

What you probably didn’t know: “Ryo — who is known for his provocative photography on Instagram— gives out special edition Fxxking Rabbits camera straps to photographers he meets in person. I think that’s super cool and thoughtful!”

#8: Song for the Mute

Why she loves it: “I love how well thought of every collection is. The clothes are well designed and incredibly well made, with some of the best textile fabrications in streetwear. I’m big on fabrics and Song for the Mute really stands out in terms of quality, look and feel — it’s very subtly textural and layered.”

How she first discovered it: “I came to know about Song For The Mute at Surrender. It was one of the first brands that piqued my interest out of our multi-label curation — I just loved the look
and feel of the garments.”

How she’d wear her favourite piece: “My current favourite item from Song for the Mute is this heavy satin and corduroy button down jacket from F/W ’18, and I love wearing it over something
casual because the heavy satin just amps up the luxe factor really subtly with its sheen.”

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