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Fendi Goes Glam With Their Iconic Bags For Chinese New Year

Pretty in pink or dazzling embroidery – take your pick from Fendi’s luxurious Chinese New Year 2020 capsule collection.

At times, when it comes to capsule collections, the classics are a good bet. That’s definitely the case with the collection that Fendi came up with for Chinese New Year 2020, opting for subtlety and playing instead with a festive palette of colours and a vibrant dose of sequinned bling.

The key colour from Fendi in this collection is a soft pink, and you’ll find it rendered on a number of the house’s iconic styles like the Peekaboo and Baguette – the latter of which is experiencing a very trendy comeback since its heyday in the 90s as an It bag. There are versions in embossed calfskin leather, or embroidered sequins for a little more va-va-voom. 

The bags in the collection are also, quite importantly, fairly petite sized. The Peekaboo comes in the regular, mini and XS variants, while you can get the Baguette in its classic size as well as a mini. That’s crucial, of course, because you’ll want something handy and easy to tote around when you make your Chinese New Year visiting rounds. There’s just enough space for your essentials and room to slide the red packets in. Available from 9 January 2020 at Fendi boutiques.

Leather bag, $5,950
Sequin Baguette, $5,190
Leather Baguette, $3,990
Leather bag, $4,790
Crocodile leather bag, $33,600
Mini Sequin Baguette, $3,990
Sequin bag, $5,990
Lizard skin bag, $8,750