For all of us living here in sunny Singapore, flip flops are not an uncommon choice of footwear. In fact, if we’re being honest with ourselves, they’re almost the default choice – and not just for the laziest of days. Unfortunately so, this also means that the look ends up appearing more sloppy than pulled together (admit it: you cringe when you see someone pairing them with anything remotely dressy).

Enter It girl Kendall Jenner and her effortless, chic style. She dons her casual go-to combi of jeans or trousers with an impressionably cute top… and completes the look with the pair of thonged footwear. But the result isn’t a fashion faux pas. If anything it looks like an elevated fashion choice…

As always, she’s right on the money. This season, flip flops are having a major fashion moment (and it goes with almost anything). Brands from Balenciaga to Cult Gaia are ditching the basic rubber versions and upgrading them with kitten heels in their own edgy or artistic interpretations, whilst others like Cos and Valentino have reinvented the original silhouette to seamlessly fit their brand identity. Think your beloved pair of Havaianas, but better.

Not surprisingly, the fashion set is embracing this trend head-on – evident from the summery streets of Copenhagen fashion week – the updated flip flop look is making appearances with maxi dresses, jumpsuits, jeans and even biker shorts. Just browse the above for style inspiration if you need convincing.

And for those of us who are all for this trend — after all, who doesn’t love a classic case of fashion meets function (read: This Trending Outerwear Is The Secret To Make It Rain Prints And Colours) — here are the best shopping buys.