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The Footwear Trend You Love To Hate Is Here To Stay

Love it or hate it, it's hard to deny that the sock and heel pairing is a former fashion faux pas that's staying put.

Remember the days when we would frown when we saw someone wear sandals with socks? This season, the once frowned upon pairing takes a fashion upgrade with heels and socks on street style stars like Yoyo Cao and It twins Ami and Aya Suzuki. 

Spotted on the runways in 2018, the un has proven useful when transitioning between seasons for street style stars, giving options apart from the regular rotation of boots and sneakers.  And while there may not be any changes in seasons here, this pairing can still be handy for us too – a probable answer to preventing blisters and staying comfortable in our platform sandals and heels.

Plus, socks give an added styling dimension to our footwear game without having to buy a new pair of heels. Swap between different heels and socks for different looks and vibes to match your outfits.

Let’s learn to embrace the trend and take notes from the street style stars above – maybe it’s time to give this former fashion faux pas a go.