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The Beginner's Style Guide To Gender-Neutral Fashion

Call it androgynous or unisex, but it’s no secret that genderless fashion is, and has been at the fore of fashion for the past couple of seasons. While the idea might seem daunting if you’ve always coloured within the lines of traditional femininity and masculinity when it comes to style, we have narrowed it down to these essential pieces — fresh off the streets for Spring/Summer ’19 — that will ease you in. See above.

All images: Showbit

#1: The blazer
A versatile piece that transcends both genders, the boxy blazer was the quintessential garment (surprise, surprise) for the street style pack at the Spring/Summer ’19 shows. Pick one in an oversized, boxy, fit and it’ll match almost anything.      #1: The blazer
To make things simple for yourself, a solid hued blazer lends itself to matching up with a trouser of the same colour. Pair it with heeled boots. #2: Loose-fit trousers
These toe the line between a paradox of formal, and effortlessly casual. If your garment is more tapered at the bottom, letting it scrunch up over your footwear adds detail and attitude.   #3: Unisex outerwear
Let the fitted and cropped outers take the backseat for now — opt for one that’s one or two sizes larger than your usual size. Denim or corduroy works best, and we won’t be surprised if you’re able to steal this one from your other half’s wardrobe. #4: Jumpsuits
Gone are the days where workwear jumpsuits like the above are simply the uniform of blue collar workers — or men. Cinch yours at the waist for a more ladylike silhouette. #4: Jumpsuits
Or, don’t do it all the way up and tie the sleeves at your waist. #5: Pyjamas Sets
The next time you’re picking up a pyjama blouse, don’t leave its matching bottoms behind. When worn as a set and with the right accessories, sleep will be the last thing on anyone’s mind in this ensemble.