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Gentle Monster Adds Granny Chic To Its Futuristic 2019 Collection With New Releases

They say hindsight is 20/20, but 13 is the magic number in this instance.

Titled 13 after an imaginary, dystopic 13th month of the year — also monikered Undecember, according to Gentle Monster — the South Korean eyewear brand once again drops a paradoxically futuristic slash retro collection ($368-$509) that’ll sate fans of their statement-making eyewear. Cashing in on both ends of the spectrum, micro-micro lenses as well as oversized frames dominate the 2019 selection — a range that surprisingly eschews the up-and-coming lab goggles trend heating up over at names like Louis Vuitton and Loewe.

While 13 incorporates new, hot hues like neon green that fashion insiders and Instagram girls alike are obsessed with at the moment, it also retains its now signature all-red lenses, in a multitude of styles. Browse our favourite pieces above.

Update 22 Mar: Gentle Monster has recently released nine new eyewear pieces ($269-$467) as part of 13, with designs that stay true to theme above. Key pieces include a wraparound cat-eye style that sports metal rings on the arms, allowing its wearer to add on a neck strap — except the retro-inspired element is lent a streetwise air in the hands of the Korean eyewear label. Compared to statement-making colour palette of its earlier released range (browse the gallery above), a more pared-back mix of classic tortoise shell, muted browns and pinks make an appearance. See below.

Gentle Monster’s 2019 collection, 13, is now available at their Ion Orchard and Marina Bay Sands stores.

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Gentle Monster Chrome Soda sunglasses
Gentle Monster New Turtle sunglasses
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Gentle Monster Danchu sunglasses
Gentle Monster Boogie sunglasses
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