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Givenchy Revs Up For Fall With A New Capsule Collection

Artistic Director Claire Waight Keller has just launched a Pre-fall 2018 capsule collection and it is inspired by motocross racing.



Yes, you heard right. That’s Waight Keller’s inspiration for Fall/Winter 2018, and as a teaser to the big race, she has launched the capsule MC3 collection (MC = motocross, get it?) for Pre-fall 2018. Well she did promise monthly drops of capsule collections when she took over, so there you have it.

Although, the inspiration may be uncharacteristic, the styling is not – in the sense that the message is very clear. One doesn’t need to second guess on the inspiration , as  the racing reference is very recognisable in the graphics and the colour used. Waight Keller kept it simple, striking and as per her new ethos, bold – her design aesthetic has been turning heads ever since she took over the reins as Artistic Director at Givenchy. There were many will she? Can she? questions, but the Briton shushed sceptics up with a stellar first collection even if she had to move out of her “assumed” comfort zone – from the soft-focus aesthetic of Chloe to the very gothic and sporty one left behind at Givenchy by her predecessor, Riccardo Tisci – for it. With this collection, she has snuffed any doubts on her ability to do menswear as well. Even though, she has designed them when she was with Ralph Lauren and Pringle of Scotland, there were naysayers. This unisex collection puts those doubts to rest.

So there you have it – a capsule collection that elevates the biker look with racing sophistication. She did go back to the Givenchy archive for some vintage inspiration, but kept the colours and the branding very modern. The collection comprises a windbreaker, T-shirt, sweatshirt and jeans. The brand also released a range of seasonal accessories in the racing theme. Some of them even come with an inverted Givenchy logo – is that because objects in the mirror (while driving) are reversed? We wonder.

Our accessories picks from the collection

Leather MC3 weekend bag, price unavailable

Leather Mc3 crossbody bag, $1,650

Leather MC3 sneakers, $1,050

Leather MC3 bum bag, $1,300

Leather MC3 drawstring bag, $1,850