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The Gucci F/W '18 Accessories That Every Girl Would Want To Own

We've covered everything from the super adorable to the one that will get the most hype.

The weird and beautiful: F/W ’18 accessories at Gucci.

As much as the severed heads, fringed balaclavas and glittery body harness made our jaws drop when we first watched the Gucci F/W ’18 collection in February, nothing beats owning things you can actually wear. Which is why during our recent trip to Hong Kong to preview the collection, we zoomed in on the items which you’d actually want to wear IRL. Here, our edit of the most desirable accessories.

#1: The "kawaii" backpack
Meant to resemble a retro school rucksack, this bag comes with hard-to-miss print of a pair of large anime eyes. The peepers are the work of famed Japanese manga artist Chikae Ide, who lends another of her illustration on a mouline knit sweater for Gucci’s F/W ’18 collection. That ready-to-wear piece features a blonde-haired female character from her Viva! Volleyball  series.   #2: The Carnegie bag
Disclaimer: That’s not the official name of this F/W ’18 debut bag collection which comes with Gucci’s trademark horse bit hardware. Rather, we’re dubbing this yet-to-be-named flag bag series as such due to the signature tiger head motif which is said to be inspired by the jewels of Hattie Carnegie. Carnegie was a doyenne of New York society who found success as a fashion entrepreneur between the ’20s and ’50s. Besides creating her own custom designs, she imported cutting-edge fashion of that time from Europe and sold them at her townhouse at 42 East 49th Street. Her flamboyant costume jewellery designs, meanwhile, revolved around the themes of nature and were heavily adorned in gold and enamel and have become popular collector’s items today.   #3: The hologram watch
In the past two seasons, we’ve seen Alessandro Michele upping the ante on Gucci’s watch and fine jewellery department. For F/W ’18, the man unveils his boldest vision yet. Rings come with an attached ring on a chain (his take on stackable styles), while drop earrings feature a dazzling array of rainbow-coloured precious gems. Mother-of-pearl watch dials are handpainted with floral wallpaper motifs to create something quite romantic and pretty. But the timepiece that really takes the cake for its whimsical quality is a steel watch that features a hologram dial and bracelet. The GG monogram pattern changes colour depending on the angle you turn your wrist. Seriously fun. #4: The metallic crossbody bags
These S-sized babies boast a quilted metallic leather finish, braided leather straps, and a big youthful factor. There are two colourways for the designs: One comes in a bicolour theme in Gucci’s trademark red and green, while the other features a tricolour theme in pastel shades of lilac, mint green and light brown. #5: The Maharajah bling
Think of this as a more subdued but no less dramatic take on the body jewellery and headpieces that dominated the runway show. Inspired by Orientalist bling of the past (think belly dancers and Dutch spy Matahari), this necklace is reminiscent of the decadent Indian Maharajah jewels from the 19th century minus the million-dollar price tag. #6: The "Thanos" sneakers
Don’t the colourful crystals on the detachable band of these sneakers remind you of the Infinity Stones owned by Marvel’s No. 1 villain? On a more serious note, we predict these tomboy kicks to rule street style as the must-have kicks at the next Fashion Week. #7: The Globe Trotter Trunks
Hypebaes take note: Globe Trotter and Gucci are unveiling a series of trunks and luggage in September. The teaser from the F/W ’18 show includes a briefcase swathed in a floral print and a miniature case that comes in a monogram pattern and a bamboo handle. #8: The 3D sunglasses
Because a) these look just like glasses we wear to watch 3D movies and b) because of the highly detailed relief of leaves that form the entire frame of this pair of shades. Catwalk Photos