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You Can Now DIY Your Own Gucci Bomber, Denim Jacket And More

Love customising your own clothes? Then you'll definitely want to know more about Gucci's latest service.


Gucci is no stranger to the idea of customisation, the Italian fashion brand unveiled its customisable ace patch sneakers earlier this year. And the house will once again champion its philosophy of self-expression with an exclusive pop-up service from 17 November to 7 December at the Gucci Ion Orchard store, offering customisable men’s tailoring and unisex jackets (on top of the current DIY handbags and Ace sneakers). Inspired by British punk, a 70s youth culture movement, Gucci DIY is an initiative perfectly symbolic of the new direction of the house, which promotes self-expression and individuality.


With Christmas dawning upon us, you can make use of this service to gift your loved one with his very own personalised jacket, blazer or even a coat. Apart from menswear, the house will also be launching unisex bomber and denim jackets, which you can customise as well. Bomber jackets come in silk and are available in a reversible style, models with embroidery and patches, and in different single-colour options. The denim jackets, on the other hand, are made from Japanese denim and come in two washes and two fits; they can be lined in either silk or shearling, and are offered with different options of patches.


The customisation available depends on the garment of choice, but beyond fabrics and colours, you also have a wide range of motifs that can be applied. The patches and embroidery on offer are drawn from Gucci’s large range of symbols and motif, including kingsnakes, flowers and bees. These can appear discretely on the cuff or collar of a shirt, or as a large patch on the back of a tailored or denim jacket. A large monogram patch can be applied to bomber, denim and leather jackets. Sign us up!

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