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Gucci's Revamped Ultrapace Sneaker Is Equal Parts Vintage And Cool

The latest of Gucci's recent drops is the Ultrapace sneaker, an '80s-inspired running shoe with all the fashion trimmings

After its debut during Gucci’s Fall Winter 2019-2020 runway show, the Ultrapace sneaker is back with an updated look. Characterised mainly by its ’80s-inspired, distressed aesthetic, the shoe is a notable homage to vintage Gucci – and who doesn’t love a bit of that?

The unisex sneaker – which has just launched at select Gucci stores – now comes in additional colourways for Cruise 2020. Though based on the technicality of a running shoe, the Ultrapace still boasts Alessandro Michele’s penchant for maximalism. You can expect contrasting colours – on both the sole and body – as well as a playful mix of materials that range from regular and embossed leather, suede and Lavaredo fabric. Every shoe is assembled in a slightly disheveled, authentic way – adding to the overall vintage feel of the collection. And if you’re one for Gucci logos, the Ultrapace sneaker doesn’t shy away from them. Expect playful reiterations of the logo – embroidered, printed and even in rubber.

Another notable addition to the line up is a high-top version of the Ultrapace – which features eight different colourways. Though all of the sneakers are lace-clad, the high-top version boasts an extra velcro strap for both form and function. Despite being a vintage-inspired collection, the Ultrapace line-up still delivers on the cool sneaker front. Check out our top picks from the line-up that will be available in Singapore stores in the gallery above.