If you’re doing a double-take at Gucci’s latest iteration of the Ultrapace, you’re not alone. The ’80s-inspired sneakers – first introduced in Fall/Winter 2019 – have been kitted out in a fresh look this season to resemble a pair of – drum roll – running shoes. By that, we mean a unisex design you’d associate with cross-training shoes. In fact, this new Ultrapace is christened Ultrapace R (the letter R stands for “running”), building on the athletic performance aesthetic that is creeping into fashion at the moment.

The unisex Ultrapace R ($1,380) as seen at Gucci’s Men’s Spring/Summer 2020 show.

These trainers have ditched laces for a practical slip-on style which can be tightened via the wire-dial closure on top of the shoe tongue. There is also a new mesh upper which ensures maximum comfort and breathability and a metallic cage design covering the shoe upper that is reminiscent of most performance shoes. The shoe isn’t all tech talk with no flair though. With a selection of colourways that span neon pink to yellow to black to blue, the Ultrapace R ($1,380) is also a looker. And in case you can’t decide on which colour to choose, Gucci offers a pair that comes purposely mismatched with one side in pink and another side in yellow. We bet your bottom dollar that these will definitely turn heads.