halloween costumes

If models, designers and the Kardashian clan has anything to teach us about Halloween #OOTDs these days, the message is: it’s more couture than gorey costumes that gets the most “likes”. To check out one of the raddest October 31 styles in town, our bets are on Dr Frank N Furter’s Ball — A Halloween Party at The Great Escape, thrown by local club kids Bobby Luo and Ritz Lim. The party even comes with a screening of that madcap flick the Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Projector.

Here, the Female Collective’s Hanli Hoefer, Nadia Rahmat and Aarika Lee chip in on how they too will be bringing their fashion A Game to the festivities:

Hanli Hoefer

halloween costumes hanli hoefer
The recently platinum Hanli Hoefer


halloween costumes pirates of the carribean
Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of The Caribbean. Photo: @captain_jack_sparrows_diary Instagram

 The MTV VJ who now sports a Marilyn Monroe-esque ‘do.

What: “I’m going to be a zombie pirate. Imagine if Kiera Knightley in Pirates of the Carribean was dead and became a zombie. The outfit was actually voted by our viewers and came from the Masquerade costume shop in Kreta Ayer. The final three outfits boiled down to a Sexy Pirate, Auntie Sam and Astro Not. Thankfully the Pirate won or I would’ve drowned in sweat for the astronaut outfit.”

Where: You can catch her at Zouk’s Last Halloween on Jiak Kim Street: The Witch Hunt, where she will be sussing out best dressed outfits.


Nadia Rahmat

halloween costumes nadia rahmat
Nadia Rahmat’s braids go from FKA Twigs to Wednesday Addams.


halloween costumes wednesday addams
A portrait of Wednesday Addams. Photo: @jg_draws Instagram

Who:  Events whiz at Kilo Lounge with sick dance moves.

What: “I’m going as Wednesday Addams because it’s the easiest last minute outfit for me. I can just pleat my hair and throw on a black and white ensemble. My outfit has to be running-around-at-an-event-friendly.”

Where: She and her gang will be spooking guests at the Kilo After Dark Halloween Special.


Aarika Lee

halloween costumes aarika lee
Aarika Lee’s new chop is a perfect excuse to channel @badgirlriri.


halloween costumes inspiration rihanna
Rihanna played vampy Angel at the Victoria’s Secret show.

Who: Co-founder of local creative agency Elementary & Co.

What: “When Rihanna performed at the Victoria’s Secret show in 2012, she owned that runway. She was so sexy and so badass, she outshone the Angels. That vision of her in the black dress has stuck. Since I’ve cut my hair, I’ve been needing some inspiration on how to look sexier. Who better to look to than Riri? I wish I had that gorgeous black dress with the mega high slit. But I’m going to a music gig, so I’m just going to rock the glasses, pearls, a leather black dress and sneakers. You know what? I’ll get those lace gloves too.”

Where: She’ll be partying at the Noise Singapore 2015 Festival at Fort Canning Park.


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