The Large Soft 16 is priced at $4,150.

Remember how once upon a time, the Internet won’t keep quiet in 2018 when Lady Gaga was seen toting the 16 – Hedi Slimane‘s debut bag at Celine – in so many of her paparazzi shots? In a way, that purse kick-started the resurgence of the lady bag style – structured classic handbags that women like Audrey Hepburn carried and the Queen (Elizabeth II, not Gaga) still parades.

But all things evolved. So for Pre-Fall, Celine is releasing a facelift for the 16 that echoes the current mood in designer bags: unstructured, relaxed, and made for everyday functionality. Taking cues for the bag’s name, the Large Soft 16 ($4,150) comes in a slightly bigger size than the original.

If the OG measured a sizeable 37cm x 27cm x 15.5cm, the new design comes with the vital stats of 38cm x 26cm x 18cm. In Singapore, the bag comes only in tan and light burgundy and is available at all Celine stores which have opened in Phase 2. But if you still prefer to purchase it online, the option of distance selling is still available.

The “soft” aspect of the name lies in the less structured and more relaxed construction which uses supple calfskin for both the body and the inside lining. The softer construction does allow for you to slot in more things into your bag, albeit slightly. The Soft Large 16 also makes do with the original’s top handle design and swaps it with an extra-long shoulder strap measuring 29cm. While the original 16 did come with a short detachable shoulder strap, a more practical one like the Soft Large 16’s means your bag will sit more comfortably on your body.

See, things do get better with age.