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Here Are All The "Ugly" Fashion Trends We're Trying This Season

It's no secret that It’s cool to be uncool, and that’s why we can’t wait to try out these unconventional fashion trends ASAP.

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Remember when the glossy pages of fashion magazines were filled with dos and don’ts on how to dress to flatter your body type? These fashion rules were practically sacred, and colouring outside of the lines was considered blasphemy – unless you were one of those cool alternative kids.

These days, the opposite is true. It’s never been cooler to be uncool. Ever since normcore burst onto the scene, the fashion world has been enamoured by “ugly” (we say unconventional) fashion trends that subvert antiquated rules of dressing. Chunky orthopedic sneakers, baseball caps and cargo pants were co-opted by the stylish crowd and became cool (again).

But these examples have already been integrated into mainstream fashion. This season, we want to take things a step further by wearing a new wave of “ugly” fashion trends. Scroll through the gallery to see some of the trends we’ve picked out, and try them out for yourselves before everyone else hops onto the bandwagon.