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Here's How We Get Away With Wearing A Party Dress To The Office

Do it so well, your colleagues will be none the wiser.

You’ve gone and spent a good amount on that party dress and hey, while it’s money well spent, the beautiful number will soon be neglected post-holiday until the next festive season’s parties roll around again.

Our suggestion: put that dress to work — in the office. Before you dismiss this as a ridiculous notion, hear us out. It’s tricky, but not impossible. See above.

Put on pants
We’re serious — when it comes to wearing a party frock to the office, the rule of thumb is to be conservative. That is, to cover up. Give your look a quirky edge by pulling on some trousers underneath your dress. Tonal coloured ones are great for brightly hued dresses, and vice versa. Slip into jeans on Fridays.     Throw on a blazer
If you have yourself a head-turning metallic dress or one with sequins, tame it with a nondescript black blazer. Work with a double breasted piece to sharpen up your look. Layer a work-appropriate blouse over
When the weather’s too warm for a blazer, throw on blouse instead. A neatly pressed collared shirt in white or light blue is a fail-safe option. If your shirt is too long, button it up and leave the last two buttons undone. Then, tie a knot at the hem of the shirt and tuck it inwards to hide the knot. Be mindful of your accessories
A fancy party dress is already loud enough so leave your bold jewellery at home and just go for the simplest pieces. Dainty necklaces and solid gold-tone earrings are just some options, but going bare is best. Tip: avoid hoop earrings — they’re the go-to party accessories. Sneakers over heels
Tame your look by donning a pair of casual sneakers instead. Not only do they provide a more quirky contrast, it’s also a win on the comfort front.