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Carre Club: Hermes' All-In-One Cafe, Atelier and Karaoke Is Coming To Singapore — And You're Invited

Singapore is no stranger to cool events in the music, fashion and art landscapes, but Hermes’ upcoming Carre Club promises to blow all that out of the water. An uber interactive day-to-night pop-up dedicated to the craft and history of the house’s carre (scarf), the travelling club has landed in cities New York and Toronto on its whistle-stop tour of the world — opening doors in Singapore from October 19, and due to head on to Los Angeles and Milan next month. And here’s the thing: everyone’s invited.

Hermes Carre Club

Here’s a list of what to see, do and have fun with at the Carre Club:

1. Watch designers and artists at work, plus get your own portrait drawn

The Carre Studio will host a group of creatives to illustrate on-site and interact with pop-up goers. Artist Gianpaolo Pagni, designer Alice Shirley, illustrator Keng Saw and local artist Izziyana Suhaimi to name a few, will be present to create with the carre live, draw portraits, and chat with the curious.

2. Karaoke and party

The Carre Club is well, a club after all. A karaoke booth outfitted in Hermes scarves (fits four people at once) invites attendees to exercise their singing chops. No points for guessing: it’s called the Carre-Ok. More after-hours fun comes by way of the the Carre Disco — a lounge by day and dance floor by night.

3. Get a beauty makeover

There’ll be manicure sessions and wigs to play dress up in in this corner (the Carre Cut).

4. Attend literary readings and fuel up at the cafe

Featuring a Southeast Asian-inspired food and drink menu, the Carre Cafe is more than just a pit-stop — it is to also host readings, and is fitted with arcade games to keep you entertained.

5. Discover the history of Hermes’ carres

Pop into the phone booth at the Carre Club and listen in to Carre Stories, where the scarf’s colourful past and present will be told through recordings.

6. Explore the Carre Park

While a car derby will not be taking place here, a skate-off just might. The Carre Park, a skate ramp swathed in Hermes scarves, will see pros stunting.

7. Leave with a special memento

The final stop, the Carre Club’s gift shop, will be retailing a limited edition Ex-Libris bandana 55 in silk twill (see below) to celebrate the pop-up and, it’s only purchasable there.

When: October 19 – 21
Opening hours: 11.00am – 8.00pm
Where: 3 Lady Hill Road, Singapore 258672
How: Sign up for free, here.

Attendees can access Carre Club via Hermes’ complimentary shuttle service from the taxi stands located at Liat Towers and Plaza Singapura. The vans run in 15-minute intervals. If you’re heading to Carre Club by your own means of transport, do note that parking of cars are not available at the location.