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Hermes Is Your Stop For The Ultimate Christmas Gifts

Hermes is where all your Christmas dreams come true.

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, one thing’s certain: There’s always a piece of Christmas magic from Hermes you can bring home. The French luxury behemoth has put together a selection of products just in time for the holiday season. And as expected of a brand where craft and creativity co-exist in perfect harmony, the pieces are nothing short of noteworthy.

There’s the Twilly d’Hermes Eau Poivree, a new fragrance that puts a fresh spin on the original released two years ago. Containing notes of peppercorn, rose and patchouli, the scent has been concocted by Hermes perfumer Christine Nagel to honour the can-do spirit of women who march to their own beat. And if you’re someone who can’t leave home without accessorising, a well-appointed variation of the iconic Collier de Chien bracelet will surely pull your ensemble into focus. Of course, Hermes is noted for its homeware too: Add graphic porcelain trays and dishes to your wish list.

Enamel steel pendant, price available in-store
Galop d'Hermes watch, price available in-store
Leather and canvas vinyl boombox, price available in-store
Leather belt, $1,800
Leather Birkin bag, price available in-store
Leather Collier de Chien 24 bracelet, $1,100
Porcelain tray, price available in-store
Porcelain dish, price available in-store
Silk twill scarf, $680
Suede pump, $1,100
Twilly d'Hermes Eau Poivree eau de parfum, $162 for 50ml
Wool blanket, $1,250