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Dry Clean Only: The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Luxe And Delicate Fabrics

#5: Feathers

Though feathers are often sported on themed costumes (think feather boas) that you, perhaps, would only don it once for the holiday season, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect these babies. Here are some Dos and Don’ts when you’re caring for them.



#1: Hand wash in warm soapy water, if necessary: machine washing is, obviously, a no-no since it’ll create tension and loosen the glue that’s keeping these feathers together. If you’re required to remove unsightly stains from these numbers, mix a bowl of lukewarm water with baby soap, like the OG Johnson’s Baby Wash, and wet them. Do not soak them for too long. Gently rub to remove any unwanted dirt. Make sure that you keep the parts that are attached to the garment dry to prevent the adhesive from losing its tackiness.

#2: Air dry them naturally: never use direct heat (no hairdryer or spinning them dry!) as it’ll melt the glue and feathers, causing your frocks to look “bald”. Once you’re done cleaning, comb the feathers neatly and gently with your fingers before putting them out to dry. Lay them flat and avoid direct sunlight.



#1: Use an iron to keep them neat: excessive heat will simply damage feathers. Instead, use a steamer. We recommend you to invest in one that allows you to manually change the heat settings, like this device from JML. Set it to low heat before proceeding. Hang your numbers up prior to steaming. Do not apply pressure when doing so.

#2: Store them untidily: folds on the stems of feathers are irreversible. Hence, you should lay these numbers out on a piece of tracing, or mahjong, paper first. Make sure that you do not tug onto the feathers — they should be as flat as possible. Provide ample space when keep them in your closets. To prevent flattening of feathers, do not stack any garments on top of them. For dresses, hang them on a satin hanger and zip them up in a garment bag before stowing them away.

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