perfect jeans

Contrary to what The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants says, there really isn’t a perfect pair of jeans that’ll fit every body type. But don’t lose hope, we’re here to help you find a pair that’ll flatter your body shape, whether you’ve tall and lanky legs, or thicker thighs.

#1: For The Petite Girl

Denim jeans, $89.90, Mango

You know that feeling when you try on a pair of normal jeans and the hem gathers up at the bottom? Here’s the solution. Go for cropped denim pieces the next time you shop. They give the illusion of longer legs and you’ll finally be able to say goodbye to the burdensome bunching problem.

#2: For The Girl With A Long Torso

Denim jeans, $89.90, Topshop

Okay, so you might not necessarily have long legs, but a rather long and shape-less midsection. The type of jeans that would be really flattering for you are the ultra-highwaisted ones. They give the illusion of an “hourglass” figure because it’ll synch you in at the waist.

#3: For The Girl With Fuller Thighs

Frame denim jeans, US$321.55 (S$420),

If you’re a woman with thicker thighs and have yet to try wide-leg jeans, you should get one asap. These breezy jeans are surprisingly body-flattering and will give you the illusion of slimmer, longer legs.

#4: The Girl With A Short Torso

Denim jeans, price unavailable, Balmain

One thing women of shorter midsections should stay away from is anything high-waisted — they’ll make your torso look even smaller. Opt for jeans that sit lower on your waist, like boyfriend jeans or low-waisted jeans.

#5: The Girl With A Small Bum

Denim jeans, $59.90, Stradivarius

Girls with smaller bums – we feel you. A wrong choice in jeans could easily make it look flatter than it already is. Our suggestion: Look for jeans with bigger pockets to give the illusion of a wider bottom.

#6: The Girl With A Big Bum

R13 jeans, $988,

Here’s one for the girls on the opposite end of the spectrum — the ones blessed at the back. Jeans that are flared at the bottom will flatter your hourglass figure and balance it out.

#7: If You Have A Tummy

Denim jeans, $39.90, Bershka

If your problem area is your mid section, go for a mid-rise jean that falls under your belly button, it’ll cover your stomach. Also, try jeans with elastane and have a stretchy material — it’ll smooth over the unevenness on your torso.

#8: Plus-Sized Girls

Denim jeans, $89.90, Zara

Dark washes are your best-friends, they’ll help to elongate and slim the legs. Go for high-waisted jeans that won’t cut into your body at its widest portion. For a slimming and sucked in effect, go for jeans which have less than 2% elastane.

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