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Inspirational Women To Know According To Singapore It Girls Aarika Lee, Charmaine Seah And More

In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, Singapore It girls and Female Collective members Aarika Lee, Aude Giraud, Charmaine Seah-Ong, Marie Soh and Nadia Rahmat talk about women who have been instrumental and inspiring figures in their lives in the areas of fashion, arts and music.

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“Juliette Armanet, a feminist French artist. We’re the same age and she was a journalist before starting her career as a singer, just like I was before becoming a florist. She’s a model in the sense that you should believe in yourself, follow your intuition, and not care about what others would think – just focus on being good at what you do. Her songs are a true pleasure to listen to. The lyrics and melodies are so emotional and make you want to dance. They are very introspective, and she has a certain sense of humour. She doesn’t take herself too seriously!” – Aude Giraud, founder of local florist Ask A French Flowers

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