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Inspirational Women To Know According To Singapore It Girls Aarika Lee, Charmaine Seah And More

In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, Singapore It girls and Female Collective members Aarika Lee, Aude Giraud, Charmaine Seah-Ong, Marie Soh and Nadia Rahmat talk about women who have been instrumental and inspiring figures in their lives in the areas of fashion, arts and music.

Though I’m an island as an artist for you , I am still a mountain on this earth .

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“British rapper Maya, or M.I.A. as she’s better known. I love how she uses her influence and talent to bring to light social and political issues in the world through her music. Despite knowing the risks of doing so, she puts these issues to light before herself, knowing the importance it would make in creating an impact to the world. One particular issue she’s spoken about (which is still relevant today) pertains to the refugee crisis in her music video for the song “Borders”. War has caused a huge dent to the progression of humanity, and M.I.A – who is a refugee herself – brings light to this issue in an engaging way through that video. We may not be directly affected by the crisis, but by having the power to contribute in any way we can (e.g. donating

to relief efforts, sharing articles or videos about the issues) helps.” – Nadia Rahmat, model and events whiz at SOI Collective, the group behind Kilo restaurants in Singapore and Bali

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