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International Friendship Day: Aarika Lee's Gift Guide For BFF Charmaine Seah

Friendship: It’s been sung about by all the greats, from Queen (“You’re My Best Friend”) to the Spice Girls (who can forget the line “if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends”?) to Rihanna (you know, it’s the one about sharing umbrellas). It’s also a thing in fashion circles – think Balmain’s army, the Alexander Wang gang and model besties Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne and their cute pet moniker #CaKe.

So with International Friendship Day being celebrated today, June 8, we’ve commemorated it the Female way: By asking two BFFs who have shared an 18-year-long friendship, a mutual love for all things fashion and an innate sense of each other’s sartorial choices, to curate a gift guide. The BFFs in question: the Female Collective’s Charmaine Seah-Ong and Aarika Lee. Below, check out the cool-girl acessories and sexy outfits Aarika picked out for Charmaine.


Aarika Lee (left) and Charmaine Seah-Ong (right)
#1: Lace dress, $4,310, Fendi
“I love this strong and sexy look. Charmaine will probably say she’s not tall enough to rock it, but I think she totally could. Because, you know, she’s taller than me (there’s an inside joke/story about this height mention).” #2: Leather flap bag with bejewelled embroidery, $5,040, Gucci
“If it’s got bling on it, she needs it.” #3: Metal cuffs in green and red stone, $1,050 each, Celine
“Charmaine has an awesome cuff collection. I’m just adding more to it!” #4: Brass necklace with pearls, price unavailable, Louis Vuitton
“This elegant, sophisticated necklace has her name written all over it.” #5: Jersey top ($2,500) and skirt ($4,200), Givenchy
“Another look I think Charmaine can totally pull off. We love sharing great pieces from our wardrobe, and this will probably be one of them.” #6: Silk skirt ($2,440), assorted metal rings with crystals and pearls ($520-$740) and leather sneakers ($790), all from Gucci
“Wow, wow and wow. These rings, skirt and shoes look awesome, and I can see Charmaine wearing all of them, maybe also at the same time – just like (what the model here is doing).” #7: Leather clutch, price unavailable, Kate Spade New York
“Who doesn’t need a parrot clutch? She can take this on her many zoo trips with Charlie (Charmaine’s 20-month-old daughter) too.” #8: Daffodil acetate sunglasses, $510, Celine
“Yellow looks great on Charmaine, and seeing how crazy hot and sunny Singapore has been lately, a new pair of fun shades are always a welcome accessory.” #9: Kidskin, suede and mink fur sandals, $2,250, Celine
“I know so many outfits that she could match this fun pair of heels with.” #10: Viscose dress, $4,260, Proenza Schouler
“I like picking yellows for Charmaine because it looks so great against her tanned skin. This black-and-yellow stunner belongs in her wardrobe for sure. It’ll do great on RMBRTheDress (the dress rental service both Seah and Lee run) too.”   Like this? Now see Charmaine’s curation of clothes and accessories for Aarika.